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Organization of weddings at the highest level

Company “Mozart Catering” provides a full range of services for the preparation and organization of such events as a wedding banquet, wedding picnic etc.

Wedding is one of the most important and most unique events in your life. And memories of this day will be in your memory and the memory of quests for a long time.

Therefore, a wedding banquet, as a major component of your celebration, requires a careful approach, a special experience.

Selection of a place for the wedding party

Highly qualified personnel of the company “ Mozart Catering”, organizing a wedding reception and taking into account all your wishes, offer the most relevant and suitable options for you:

· A banquet hall for a wedding banquet;
· Outdoor place for going to a wedding picnic;
· And also yachts, ships and other variants.

Wedding banquet

A menu for a wedding banquet in our company is always prepared individually for each customer. We can offer you a huge variety of national Ukrainian dishes as well as dishes of different cuisines of the world, such as French, Italian, Moroccan dishes etc. And the most important thing is that we guarantee that every dish has the best taste and you will definitely like the way it is served. And, of course, the highlight of the party is a wedding cake!

Additional services at the wedding:

· wedding decoration;
· sound and lighting equipments;
· a host of the holiday;
· entertainment program;
· photo and video;
· technical support;
· transportation.

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