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Cocktail is a simplified form of the buffet. During the cocktail party there are no buffet tables and all the dishes are carried by waiters.

Banquet cocktail is organized to serve official visits of foreign representatives and delegations, participants of international congresses, symposiums, conferences and other meetings. Democracy of this kind of reception allows you to use it for ogranising private events as well.

In many countries cocktail parties have become the most popular kinds of guest reception, as they are the most available for a client. There are some cocktail parties which last 40 50 min.

Such parties are usually organized during the breaks between meetings. Other cocktail parties last 1 hour and a half or 2 hours. Such cocktail parties are usually organized at the end of the meetings.

We suggest you a new sequence of dishes at banquet- cocktail:
aperitif and then cold starters
hot starters
hot drinks (tea, coffee)

A beautifully served bar with different drinks, tasty canapes and delightful starters will draw attention of your guests and will make your event special.

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