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Organization and holding of corporate events

Plants and animals can grow and develop only under certain conditions. The same applies to people.

The results of your company depend largely on the prevailing climate in it. Ninety percent of all the news that we get are negative. To support positive climate at the level is one of the major challenges that you face every day being the head of the company .These are corporate events that will help you create positive atmosphere as corporate parties build up the corporate spirit, create the atmosphere of trust and respect between you and your employees. As a result your employees will identify themselves with the company, will  become more interested in the success of the enterprise, they will be motivated to work at full power, increasing profits for the company.
Organization of corporate events is a hard work which requires much time, attention and knowledge in this matter.

Trust professionals from Mozart Catering to organize your corporate event and we will arrange for you this holiday!

· we will:
· help you choose the best format for your corporate party;
· develop a menu according to the concept of a holiday and we will prepare a thematic cake;
· make and send out the invitations;
· deliver the necessary furniture, equipment, utensils;
· decorate the hall (with textiles, flowers, balloons etc. )
· perform original decorative fruit and vegetables carving;
· take interesting photos and make a video clip of the event;
· choose a good artist, a host, a  clown for the event;
· provide the necessary lighting, sound systems, special effects, fireworks;
· provide transportation( transportation of quests, renting of cars for VIP guests);
· make a detailed report of the organization of the corporate event.

Make an order and the symphony of our service will be the melody of your success.
We are ready to answer all your questions. Call right now 044 221 23 94    050 33 22 160

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